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Church Registration Form -- Step 1 

This form is intended for NEW suggested listings. If you have an existing listing, or think you MIGHT have an existing listing, please search for that specific listing and edit that one directly. Don't EVER pay someone to correct their own records.

Directory operators interested in serving accurate information are always willing to make corrections and/or additions you provide to them.

We review all new and changed records on a daily basis.

To proceed, Step 1 is to match the town, city, or USPS postal code where the church is located to a place that is known to our system. Our system "knows" about 5.5 Million cities and towns world-wide. (Postal codes currently work only for US locations.) Please fill in the blank below with the first part, or a complete, town, city, or postal code. If and when you get a successful match, you will be be presented with Step 2, a form for the church record.

If you enter a partial name, you will be presented with a list of matching names from which you may choose one. Choosing a matching place name takes you to Step 2, where you will be able to enter a replacement church record. For example, you may enter "Paris" or "Par" and you will be presented with a list of places that start with that. In the US, you will notice that many states have towns named Paris. Other countries also have many places. You should select one to proceed to Step 2.

Please send email to us if you need help entering data or have a list of many locations to provide.

  Step 1: Location Match

City Name or postal code
(for US, USPS standard format, may include 2-letter state abbreviation).